Monday, 28 November 2011

Starting to stress...

Let me set the scene: me, happily sat writing a little essay about Civil Rights for my history lesson tomorrow, when I was rudely interrupted by a terrifying email from UCAS. They have my application... I don't have a rational explanation for my reaction to this, but I suddenly felt very protective of the little thing, as though they've taken it hostage. I really didn't want to send it, and had put if off for far too long.. But now it's gone. Forever.

It feels as though I'm in an odd limbo; they have the application, and in 24 hours they'll have processed it. I have to wait 24 hours until I can log into the Track. I have to wait for Uni Admin staff to process it. I have to wait for emails from genuinely important people, instead of the usual tosh Facebook sends my way. This passive waiting game really irritates me! I want to do something productive, even if the alternative would mean cycling to each university and handing it over myself, or sending it by carrier pidgeon.

Unfortunately UCAS is not the only source of stress that filled my weekend. The smaller of my two kittens decided not to come home last night. I suddenly realised that I have turned into a lonely Cat-Lady a good 50 years before I'm supposed to. I panicked far too much, and decided the only logical solution was to go out on a search party, which obviously meant knocking on all my neighbours' doors to see if they'd seen him, or stolen him. Yet it was all in vain. 

My mum made the rather useless parrallel between this stupid kitten and my own useless ways when I go out and forget that I own a phone. Oops. It's a lesson learned at least. Another lesson learned is that the little kitten is allowed outside, and nine out of ten times he'll return home just fine, and so he did. I came downstairs this morning and he was cuddled up in the dog bed, with the dog, and the other kitten too. It was an odd sight, but a happy one none the less. 

Although this kitten tangent is of absolutely no use to anybody, and has nothing to do with UCAS, I thought you might need a little distraction. It's compulsory to evenly balance useful work with mind-numbing rubbish. Disclaimer: Absolutely no qualified teacher will fully endorse that idea, and I'm really sorry if you fail all your January exams because of it...

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