Wednesday, 9 November 2011

My ever-so productive day!

Well today was protest day.... And I didn't go. It seems a shame seeing as it encompasses so many things I, and almost all students and sane-people love. I've listed the top three for you:

1.Walking about London, (without the endless shopping that exhausts both soul and purse)
2.Getting the felt-tips out for a colourful( in language as well, of course) poster
3.Generally complaining away and having a good vent to like-minded souls who share our pain.

I had far too many essays to do, and I've also managed to get most of my personal statement sorted, which is an absolute weight off my mind, and it's now sat awaitin' on the Head of Sixth form's desk. I look forward to seeing exactly how much red ink has been used across the page; always a pleasure to edit!

I haven't exactly adopted the hardcore, rebel-teenage, revolutionary attitude I'd like at times like this, because I genuinely do think that it's a cause worth raising our voices for... Then again if I don't get my work done then I won't get the grades I need to secure a place, or won't end up paying the fees anyway! Not that it detracts from the rise being unethical, obviously, so really even if I wasn't planning to go to university at all I'd still think it was a worthy cause for a stretch of the legs!

To all or any of you that went out today and marched peacefully I thank you. You're representing a worthy cause and have the full backing of any moral peer across the entire country. Let's hope some MP's can get away from Theresa May's mess, and the Greeks, and the Italians, oh just the Eurozone in general, to pay us teeny tots some attention !

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