Tuesday, 12 June 2012

One down, One to go

Today was my first exam of the summer, and I can throw away all my history notes from the last year! I'd be more excited about that if I didn't have Biology coming up, even though it's in 10 days it definitely won't be enough time to re-learn the whole syllabus. It's made even worse by the fact that it's synoptic and I remember nothing from last year. It's going so badly that in the last mock we did in class I did even worse than the kid that was dehydrated and fainted. There is no hope...

I'm debating calling my first choice and letting them know that I'm still getting U grades, bit embarrassing but definitely less embarassing than not getting my place in September. I know I need to get a minimum of a C to get the grade I need overall, but that's still four grades higher than I've been getting recently, oops. I don't really have any excuse for not getting the grades I need, think I've just run out of steam.

An even better excuse is that it's my birthday tomorrow, pretty distracting, I'm just pleased that history was today instead of thursday because I'd definitely fail if it was the day after my 18th! It'll be a good way of breaking up the revision, I really suffer from cabin fever and this will definitely help! That being said it's only another week until the sumer, can't wait! Good luck to everyone that has exams coming up, it'll be all over soon enough.