Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Easily distracted? Me?!

So as of about an hour ago my UCAS application has been completed, kinda... I've grammer and spell checked and put in every choice and polished it until it can't shine anymore... But I haven't sent it. Still. For absolutly no good reason.

UCAS asked me how I'd like to pay my £22, and I had a minor epiphany: IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!!! On that shocking note, I opened a new tab, and started shopping, for myself mainly ( no, not because I'm selfish, I'm making life easier for everybody by choosing, thankyou!) and so the hour passed by, as did the £20(ish), but on, shame...

Unproductive? I beg to differ! But not quite the task I should've been focussing on right at that very moment, I'll give you that one. It's made only a little bit worse as I've got Parent's Evening tonight, and I know full well that all, yes, ALL my teachers will ask if I've sent off my application. I'll squirm in my seat, mumbling to my feet that it's all ready to go. I'll get the disapproving head-tilt and sympathetic smile as they remind me that it's a difficult decision to make, but has to be done. Does it? Does it really have to be done?

I'm not for a second saying I don't want to go to university. It's just that apathy is dangerous when in such high quantities, on such a regular basis. I'll get it done, sooner or later. Okay, just later. Sooner is not a viable, plausable option, and I'd hate for you to think I'm lying to you.

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