Sunday, 26 February 2012

So much to do, so little time.

There's far too much to do at the moment; to the point where I'm tempted to just ignore the whole lot, or set it alight. The pile of coursework that needs editing so drastically that I may as well re-write the whole thing is looking daunting. Add to this friend's 18th's, and a new job, and open days and it makes sense why I've put it on the back-burner.

That being said, I almost felt motivated the other day. Amazing, a true miracle! On the way back from an offer-holder day I genuinely wanted to get on with the work and get my uni place, this faded on the car journey home though. I don't think I'd be so irritated about it if I were able to just get on and do it, but there's an awful lot of peripheral work that seems to accompany it, and that's hassle. I'll gladly write a few pages about Civil Rights, but the bibliography and the sources and everything else just doesn't seem worth doing.

That being said I've got another offer-holder visit coming up, although it does mean a 7 hour drive to the very end of the country. Hopefully it'll get me into the right frame of mind, and keep me there for long enough to get some productive work done. If not then I'm relying on the shock of results day to motivate me. I know I haven't done well, but maybe I need to learn that lesson the hard way, otherwise I may always be this lazy and useless. Not good. At all.

I'd attempt to do some work today, buuuuuuuut no thanks. The sun is out and it is nursing my self-inflicted pains from last night. Today is not the day for English, nor history, and let's face it no day is ever the right day for Biology. I don't have a healthy work ethic, I admit it, and that is the first step to over-coming my problems, apparently. Let's see how long it takes for me to take the other steps...

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


I'll admit that I'm overly excited for half term, possibly more so than I was for Christmas, and for one simple reason: sleep. No, wait, two reasons: sleep and going out. A whole week to doss about and do nothing but laze about and see friends. Perfect plan!

That first paragraph is the hypothetical world I wish existed. It is unfortunately not the whole case. I may be able to carry it off for a few days at least, but I have to do my English and History coursework, and some Biology if the course work doesn't kill me. Oh and look for a job because I'm too skint to live at the moment. Wow... So... Half term sounds great...

The even balance between social life and working has always alluded me. I tend to allow one to slip and then have to work really hard to catch up. I'm not advising this because of the health and safety risk associated with it, but it works for me. I like having a week or two of nothingness; going out and letting the paper pile stack up, and then having some serious pressure to work against. It keeps me motivated, and especially if it's not a topic I'm interested in as I know I have to get it done.

It's a shame that I'll have to say goodbye to this strategy next year. I'm assuming that the step up in social and work levels at uni will make this laissez-faire attitude a no-go area. It's not a change I'm looking forward to... But then again there are so many changes that will be welcomed that I guess it'll still be worthwhile... One of the many changes will be the incredibly long holidays! I need one, now!