Sunday, 22 April 2012

Revision... Already?!

According to my Head of sixth now that we've had our Easter break "all students should be fully rested and prepared for a lot of hard work". Pfft. Yeah sure. I know everyone's been busy but the break was definitely as exhausting as college. The two coursework deadlines were unfortunately not the most taxing part of the two weeks off; I managed to get a job at Tesco, which is a great distraction and excuse to not have been doing my work. The hours are terrible, but the pay is great, and it's far more rewarding than working (in the short-term).

Some people are far better at looking at the big picture than I am. Getting emails about student finance and the deadline to confirm Uni offers are so off-putting. It'll get done in a rush the day before, just like everything else I do. I've started filling in the details for it, like most people, but really it just feels like hassle!

That being said, I'd rather fill out hundreds and thousands of pages of the paperwork than start revising for the summer exams, which we apparently should be getting on with now? I only have two exams, biology the day before my birthday and then history ten days later, which is the best timetable I've ever had, as it means I can definitely go out on my birthday! Perfect! This is helped by not having any English lessons from now on, I've handed in my course work and I'm all done. Such freedom!

Even though there's a lot to do at the moment, it's all for a good cause, and won't be that bad once I've started it, but finding the motivation to stay in and get it done is just not worth it. In the blink of an eye we'll have the May Ball, leaver's hoodies and exams, and then I'll be wishing I'd just got on and done what needed doing.

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