Sunday, 29 April 2012

(Almost) The Final Week

In a matter of days we all have to have replied to our offers or they'll be declined. I don't know how I feel about this for many a reason, and none of them are good ones. The only concrete thing I've learned so far about deadlines is that I like to wait until the very last moment to get everything done, not good, and that I forget that they exist until that final second when everyone else is discussing how pleased they are that it's all done and finished with.

The real reason why I'm putting this off until the final moment is that I'm really not fussy about where I end up. I've narrowed it down to two choices, and they're both equally lovely, and equally crappy, in equal measure. They're both good, they're courses are equally intersting, and pretty similar actually, and I think I'd be happy in either Norwich or Southampton. I really don't know what would be best for me, and neither does anyone else at this point.

It's gotten to the point where I'm sick of trying to work out which is better, because there's so little to differentiate them, except that Norwich is a prettier town with better accomodation, which in the long run is neither here nor there. I'm so torn between them that I've abandonned all hope making a rational, well reasoned argument as to which I should go to, and will just leave it up to a coin toss.

It's pretty scary to think that this time next year we'll almost be done with our first year, if we ever get in. At this point I'll be amazed if I ever make a choice at all, but it'll probably be a spur of the moment one, and hopefully one I'll be happy with. Once the choices are made we won't really hear from the uni's until results day. Horrific thought; opening the results envelope just as a thought is enough to make me vomit, and I'll be so grateful if it doesn't happen in real life.

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